Here are some FAQs to answer your questions. But if none of the below answers your question, please email us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

Buying online                                                                           

1) How do I check my ring size?
2) How safe is it to make the payment on ?
3) How long will it take to deliver my purchase?                           4) What will be my purchase delivered in?
5) How do I gift someone?

About the Product                                                                         

6) What metal do you use for the jewellery?
7) Does your silver tarnish?
8) How to take care of my jewellery?

Return & Guarantees
9) Can I return the goods?
10) Explain me more about your product guarantee.

Privacy & Personal Information

11) What information is collected?
12) Will my information be disclosed to third parties?
13) Are my transactions secure?
14) Can I opt out of promotional communications?
15) Can I access my personal information?
16) How can I make a complaint?

Buying online

1) How do I check my ring size?
You can check your ring-size by either using a ring that already fits you or by the measuring tape in the chart (click to open).
• If you already have a ring that fits you well, just place that ring on the nearest sized circle on the ring chart below to find out your size. The inner edge of the ring should align with the outer edge of the circle.  Also if your ring fits between the two circles, go for the larger size.
• To use the measuring strip, just print and cut it. Insert the narrow end of the sizer through the "cut here" slot. Place the loop around your finger, with the numbers facing the outside, and then pull until the fit is snug but comfortable to find out your ring size. 

2) How safe is to make the payment on ?
Silver Trésor carries a current SSL certificate implying 128 bit SSL encryption to protect confidential data. For payment processing Silver Trésor uses PayPal, an internationally accepted payment gateway. We do not store credit card information.


3) How long will it take to deliver my purchase? And do you deliver outside Autralia?
Silver Trésor will dispatch all orders received before 12 noon on the same day and others on the following business day.
All the orders sent within Australia by regular post (for free!) can be expected to reach you within 2-3 business days. If you have asked us to post the order Express, the order will reach you the very next day. A tracking code is also supplied for the express orders.
And yes, we ship all over the world! For international orders, Air mail typically takes 7 to 10 days. Registered Post (Express) is faster and safer as it requires recepient to sign on delivery. International orders of more than $50 will be shipped for free.

4) What will be my purchase delivered in?
All your purchases will be shipped in elegant Silver Trésor boxes.

5) How do I gift someone?
You will be asked for shipping address during your purchase process (after you checkout). Just mention the name of the person you wish to gift to and the address. Please note that you can store multiple names and addresses against your account and just pick the one you wish to send the gift to.
Please also note that you can include a message and Silver Trésor will place this message in the parcel. Besides we also have suggestions based on the occasion, zodiac or the person to help with your selection!

About the Product
6) What metal do you use for the jewellery?
All our jewellery is made of 925 sterling silver (which means 92.5% pure silver). There will be pieces where we have also used bronze. You will find details of the metal used under the product details for each design. 

7) Does your silver tarnish?
Genuine silver does tarnish so yes, our silver tarnishes as well! Tarninshing of silver is a natural process which we can't control. However if you take care of your jewellery, it can remain shiny and new and tarnishing process can be considerably slowed. How? Please read How to take care of my jewellery. 

8) How to take care of my jewellery
Here are some useful tips to ensure that your jewellery remains as new forever:
• Use a soft cloth to carefully wipe the piece clean.  Slightly dampen the cloth if necessary.
• Don’t immerse jewellery with stones, pearls or other similar items in water.
• Never use strong detergents, ammonia, alcohol or jewellery cleaner to clean Silver Trésor jewellery.
• Always put on jewellery after perfume or hairspray is applied and has thoroughly dried.
• Don’t wear jewellery when swimming in chlorinated or salt water or when showering.
• Best to remove the tarnish in its earliest stages. Just clean the jewellery with a detergent that does not contain any phospate based chemcial.
• After removing your jewellery, wrap separately in a soft piece of fabric or cloth bag or store in the original pack supplied by us.
• Never throw or store your jewellery in a jewellery box where it may be nicked or scratched by another piece of jewellery.
Return & Guarantees
9) Can I return the goods?
Yes of course- because changing mind is only human! We are confident that our jewellery looks better than the pictures. But if you don't agree or if you simply change your mind, send us the piece back within 14 days (with your invoice) and we will refund your money. Absolutely no questions asked!

Please note that you need to return the jewellery and packagin in 'as sold' condition and you need to ship by registered post (at your cost) to following address: 

Silver Trésor PO Box 1099, Surrey Hills North VIC 3127

10) Explain me more about your product guarantee.
Silver Trésor takes pride in its skilled craftsmen and manufacturing processes. We are so sure of our quality that we offer lifetime guarantee on the workmanship. What this means is that if there is any manufacturing defect in the product, we will either repair it or replace it or refund your money.
Please note that this warranty covers manufacturing defects only (e.g. gemstone falling out due to improper setting, designing faults leading the joints breaking open, etc.) This guarantee does not cover wear and tear or any damage due to improper use/accidents/unwarranted actions (e.g. dropping the product, exposing it to extreme tempratures, etc).    

Privacy & Personal Information
11) What information is collected?
Silver Trésor collects information that is necessary to process your transactions which includes your name, address and email address.  We do not keep a record of credit card numbers or any other financial information.  Where you have opted to subscribe to promotional communications, we will store your email address for the sole purpose of keeping you in touch with our latest products, services or promotions. You can opt out of receiving communications at any time. 
From time to time we may also collect information regarding frequency of visits, the times and dates of visits or the site you from which you accessed Silver Trésor.  This information is anonymous and is only used for analysis and to help us improve your experience of our site.

12) Will my information be disclosed to third parties?
Silver Trésor will never sell or trade your personal information. We will never share your information with a third party except where required to process your transactions. To do so, we are required to provide information such as your name and address to postal services, couriers and PayPal online payment gateway.   
Under Australian Law, we are also required to disclose information at the request of law enforcement agencies where illegal activity is suspected.

13) Are my transactions secure?
All credit card transactions are processed by PayPal, an internationally recognized secure payment system.

14) Can I opt out of promotional communications?
All communications sent by Silver Trésor include an option to unsubscribe to our mail outs. 
Once you have nominated to unsubscribe, we will endeavor to remove you from our mailing lists within 24 hours. Even otherwise you could simply log into your account and unsubscribe from our communication at any time.

15) Can I access my personal information?
You may request access to any of your personal information that we hold, at any time. To protect your privacy, we will require proof of identity before releasing any information.

16) How can I make a complaint?
All complaints are taken seriously and we will attempt to resolve your complaints at the earliest.   Complaints should be directed to our customer service department via email.

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